Diet is very important throughout life. At any age a balanced diet according to our physical and intellectual activity, will help our metabolism to work better and will affect to good health and good  performance.

With the pass of years, our needs change, as well as our tastes, our habits and also our metabolism. By this we mean that we become more capricious (we eat what we want), we eat when we are hungry (and if we are not hungry we do not eat, and if we are we eat a lot) and our body does not work so well, that is why:

  • The mucous membranes are drier.
  • We raise less.
  • We do not absorb nutrients so well.
  • Digestions are heavier.
  • Other health problems appear: cholesterol, sugar,…..


All this affects the functioning of our body at a physical, psychic and intellectual level. If we do not eat well we have more risk of infections (lung, urine …), the wounds cost more to heal, our mood declines…

If you are in your care people of 3rd age or you are yourselves who enter or are in this age, take care of your diet and keep in mind that in the market there are many food supplements that can help you. In our pharmacy we have Meritene, Ensure …


Elena Martí Palanca

Pharmaceutical and Orthopedic

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