Pharmacy services

Health Service


We take care of your skin from inside and outside at every stage of your life. You will avoid skin’s premature ageing produced by the sun with sun protection factor creams.  We help you solve different skin conditions: acne, psoriasis, atopic, melasmas, eczema, dehydration … Products for hygiene and care of the skin and hair

New borns

Accessories and children’s diet, help with breastfeeding, care of the newborn and the mother

Nutritional and dermatological supplements for before, during and after pregnancy.


Baby list

Belts for pregnancy and postpartum, anti-stretch marks and firming creams

Master formulation

“Medicine intended for a specific and individualized patient, who for various reasons can’t be treated with a registered medication.”

We elaborate masterful formulas following the elaboration rules to prepare quality, safe and effective medicines.

Customized dosage system

No more forgetting or mistakes.

We take care of preparing the medication for polymedicated people. We organize it weekly / biweekly in blisters with the posology prescribed by the doctor for achieving a good therapeutic compliance


Blood pressure control

Blood pressure is one of the factors that determine cardiovascular risk, so is important to have it well controlled. We have tensiometers of first brands for sale to the public and we also measure it in the pharmacy


Nutritional advice, help for dietary problems, nutritional supplements and substitute diets.

To ask for time

You will find all the necessary products for a good oral hygiene and prevent or cure periodontal diseases


Homeopathy is an alternative medicine with many followers today founded by dr.s. Hahnemann. A homeopathic medicine is prescribed for a patient to cure a certain pathology.

In our pharmacy you will find the essential homeopathic kit and in 24h we will have the medication that your doctor has prescribed especially for you.

Application of earrings

First aid kits

 Boats, companies, home and travel

We prepare the kits according to the regulations to surpass the inspections


In 24h we will have your medication

Quitting smoking

Tobacco seriously harms people’s health, we help you find the method that best fits your requirements so that you can quit smoking.

Sexual health

Enjoy relationships without risks to health

Disposal of non consumed medicines

We take care of the medicines without use, so that they have a controlled degradation to minimize the damage to the environment.

We provide professional advice