Orthopedic services

Facilitate daily life
Accessories for the care of sick, older and
people with disabilities

Orthopedic prescription

Center for dispensing ortho prosthetic articles by CatSalut (PAO) Orthrest (knee pads, sashes, ankles, elbow pads …)

Care of your feet

The well-being of your feet affects your health

Fittings to measure

The foot supports and balances the entire body, custom-made insoles give you a correct footprint improving or avoiding possible sequels of an inappropriate position.

Silicones to measure

Protectors for feet: bunions, calluses, chafing…

Attention to the athlete

Sports orthopedics, prevention and treatment of injuries, improve sports performance, nutrition and care of the athlete and skin hygiene.

Plugs for the ears

Plugs well adapted to your ear to prevent otitis and having a bath without problems.

Aids for mobility

In our pharmacy-orthopedics you will find a variety of wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes, crutches … To enjoy the outdoors and not stay at home. Rental of wheelchairs, walkers and crutches.

Help for the bathroom and toilet

Wheelchairs for shower, chairs, stools and handles for bathroom, elevators wc …


Anti-decubitus cushions, mattresses, articulated beds, railings and restraint systems.

Daily life

We have tools to overcome the obstacles of everyday life.

We provide professional advice