Our body is a perfect architectural structure.  Feet are the support of this structure, therefore it is very important to take care of them every day.


It is necessary to clean and moisturize them with a good cream every day. Besides, this attitude helps control the good condition of the skin. We will immediately notice if there are blisters, sores, painful areas to the touch, calluses, hardness, etc.

When pain appears in the feet it is important to treat them quickly. Otherwise, when we walk while at pain, we unconsciously change the shape of the support and this can have serious repercussions in the rest of our structure: knees, hips and spine.

As soon as a small injuries appears, it is necessary to assess if it is the footwear’s fault (new shoes, old shoes, walks or activities with inappropriate shoes …). In that case, treat the injury and change the shoes.

In case of not being the cause of the shoes or any external cause, you will have to go to a specialist Orthopedist or Podiatrist to make a study of the foot and assess if you need custom made templates. Sometimes the structure of our foot isn’t perfect at birth (flat feet, digs …), and also with age and / or the bad treatment of our feet this structure deteriorates.


Footwear is very important, the evolution of the human species entails the evolution of footwear: barefoot prehistory, the Roman sandals,…

The ideal shoe: without heel (maximum 2cm), tied with laces, and non-elastic material. Why? It is very simple to understand, I’ll explain it to you:

The structure of our foot is designed to walk flat, so when using heels we move the weight of our body to the front of the foot. The back of the foot is designed to support more weight, as if we were on tiptoe. For this reason, the heel is suitable for certain pathologies that need to lose weight in the heel or shorten the back muscles of the leg.       A loose shoe, which does not fit well (sandal, moccasin, handbag …) forces our muscles to make an effort to drag the shoe in addition to our foot. A well-adapted shoe with the same movement displaces foot and shoe.       The elastic material (bamba, sports shoe) is right for sports because you need elasticity to make extraordinary movements. In the case of usual shoes, the foot has to be picked up so it helps the structure of the foot remain in place, always with elastic fabric footwear in order to make the structure of the foot fall down.

Feet will be a part of your body for your entire life. It’s up to you to keep them in optimal conditions.


Elena Martí Palanca

Pharmaceutical and Orthopedic

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